The London Preschool - Day Nurseries

The London Nursery & Preschool was founded by practitioners with more than 50 years’ combined experience in early years education and child care. We aren’t a big chain. What we do is fundamentally different to other day nurseries in London. Our focus is on a curriculum designed around how children learn, introducing young children to elements of world culture to which they might not otherwise be exposed. We believe in never dumbing down for children, giving them varied, exciting opportunities to Explore | Discover | Learn. We listen to your child, as your child can best articulate their own needs, talents, abilities and interests.

Our London Nursery & Preschool provides your child with a wide range of carefully planned experiences that will introduce your child to Mozart, Muhammed, Dr Seuss, Newton, Raphael, The Hungry Caterpillar, Mandela, Alexander, Magellan, Winnie the Pooh, Rothko, Klimt, Hawking, Bach, Stockhausen, Hannukah and the Maccabbes, the Ramayana and Indonesian Gamelan music (both Balinese and Javan Court). We don’t test them, or expect them to remember any of it. But when they leave child care and enter their next school, and years later have teachers talking about Newton’s three laws of motion and Principia, or discuss cubism and dadaism many of them will remember their first introduction from day care. Some will, even at this young age, be inspired to follow a lifelong interest in opera, or writing, or representing the human form in the visual arts. All of them will be encouraged to develop perhaps the single most important attribute of homo sapiens sapiens: the unquenchable thirst for knowledge and understanding that leads to innovation, creativity and excellence.

Child Care London

When you entrust your child’s care to us, we know, as parents, how difficult a choice that is, looking for the best child care London has to offer can take some time. We know that you must be comfortable with your choice of day nursery, and that you must feel that your child is at least as well cared for as they would be if they were at home, and we always strive to ensure that our care, stimulation and education provides opportunities for your child that they would not or could not receive in any other environment.

We are confident that if you pay us a visit at our nursery you will see the difference The London Nursery & Preschool can make for your child compared to other day nurseries and child care available in London. We already know the difference your child can make to the world.

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