The London Preschool and Nursery

Building Self-Awareness and Self-Confidence

Self-awareness and self-confidence derive from a deep-seated intrapersonal understanding. A child needs to develop an active sense of self, who they are and where they come from. Additionally they need to understand how they fit in to the variety of social groupings they will encounter on a daily basis. To do this they need to understand interpersonal relationships – understand the ability to empathise and sympathise, understand how they and their actions are perceived by other people. Our activities will always incorporate elements of reflection and interpretation and help children in this process. Our Mentors ask questions such as “how does this make you feel?”, “why does that make you sad?”, “what happened in your summer holiday that made you happiest?”, “what do you think about when you get angry?”, “why did that story make you laugh?”.

At the same time our mentors will always be conscious of helping children to understand how they may be perceived differently by others, and how developing an insight and understanding into another person’s perspective and understanding will help them build relationships of trust. Our mentors ask questions such as “why do you think that Nico was upset when you wanted him to play with you, and you stopped him drawing?”, “what do you like about Jenny, what do you think she likes about you?”, “Aahsan’s granddad died. What do you think he might miss about his granddad?”, “What do you think he might feel about missing him?”, “Sarah is going to have a new sister or brother. What do you think might make her happy about that? Do you think she might feel things at home will change?”