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London Preschool Literacy Activities at Home

Literacy skills are critical to your child’s early years development, London preschool invest in your child future developing reading and writing skills. Literacy skills are used every single day of our lives, it is important that your child understands the literacy and continues to develop their skill set. At London preschool, we help your child grow and learn during their most significant years of development, between birth and they age of eight.


London preschool help your child develop skills and learn by sharing our love for literacy with them. It is important to prepare your child for school and cement their understanding of reading of writing. No matter what age your child is, learning through play is an effective way of developing literacy skills. London preschool show your child how to develop their skills step by step through fun, interactive and structures activities.


We have put together some literacy activity ideas for you to try with your child at home!


Drawing, writing and painting

Giving your child the opportunity to express their creativity by using pens, pencils and crayons helps develop their fine motor skills. London preschool encourage children to practice writing their names and draw shapes, highlighting the importance of staying in control of the pen on paper. Using letters in creative and different ways with magnets, toys, puzzles and blocks will help your child recognise the shapes they need to then transfer onto paper.


Reading books together

Reading with your child is one of the most important activities to do at home during their early years of development. It is never too early to read with your child, from birth to preschool. It develops their vocabulary, listening and cognitive skills.


London preschool choose books with rhyme and repetition, this helps keep your child engaged in the story and encourages them to repeat words. Your child will begin to connect words as they hear them, creating patterns and understanding rhythm. You should encourage your child to take the lead when reading with them at home, asking them to turn the pages and talk about what they can see or how they feel. During the book, ask your child what they think will happen and what they think about different characters. This will help your child develop social skills and encourage cognitive development.


Singing and talking

Singing to your child from an early age lets them become familiar with different voices, vocabularies and accents. Talk with your child regularly to help develop their communication and interaction skills.  Simple conversations about what they have done that day will encourage thought processes and communication skills. Conversation is an crucial part of literacy skill development and social skill development. Ask your child what food they like, what their favourite things and what they dislike.


Playing communication games like ‘I Spy’ helps your child further develop language and vocabulary through play. It encourages your little one to be more aware of their surroundings, verbalise their opinions and describe what they see. For example: “I spy with my little eye, can you tell me something that is orange.”


Singing nursery rhymes with your child helps them develop language, repetition, rhyme and rhythm skills. All improving their overall literacy skills for the future.


London preschool plan a range of structured activated throughout their day to encourage and foster literacy skill development. Children don’t often realise they are learning when it is done through play. These activities should also be encouraged at home to continue your child’s learning and development. London is a great place to find high quality childcare, whether you live in Muswell HillCrouch EndWansdworthFinchley or Winchmore Hill.

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