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How London Preschool Staff Help Prepare Your Child For School





As your child grows older, they will begin to understand the transition from preschool to school. It is a huge milestone in their early years and it should be celebrated. The big step from nursery to school can make your child feel nervous; London Preschool support and encourage your child in making the transition to ‘big school’ smooth and seamless. We work with your child to make sure this period is as exciting as possible. While your child will be looking forward to change, making new friends and new discoveries, it can also bring about some nervousness at leaving behind what they know to become more independent.

London preschool can help your child in many different ways, helping to make the transition as positive as possible and prepare them for a new chapter of learning and development.

Meet the teachers

Arranging a face to face meeting with your child’s future teacher is a great way to ease nerves and introduce new people into their life. It gives both parent and child to ask questions, understand daily structure and iron out any concerns. This initial meeting is also a great way for the teacher to get to know your child and to understand the parenting dynamics. When you first meet, it is a great idea to take a look around the school environment and familiarise both yourself and your child with the surroundings. Some London schools offer a home-visit system, where teachers visit your home, allowing your child to be introduced in a comfortable and familiar environment.

Exploring the school

As your child transitions into ‘big school’ the physical size of the building can be an intimidating prospect. It is important to visit your child’s school, giving you both the chance to look around the building and its surroundings. During your visit, you can check out the facilities and let your child explore whilst they are comfortable with your presence. This visit gives your child the chance to take in the prospect of big school, making them feel more comfortable about what to expect.


Talking about making new friends

London preschool staff will talk to your child about the transition to big school, but it is important that these conversations are carried through to their home. Discuss with your child how exciting this time is and encourage them to make friends. Smile with your child when discussing this and encourages them to feel excited about the prospect of making friends.  We’re sure your children will naturally fall into friendships, but it’s good to give them a little encouragement too.


Look into the school day structure

Have a look at the library, book shop and school resources to introduce your child with new books. Read through the books and help them feel at ease in the new surroundings. Discuss the structure of the day and how they will develop their skills. Talking to your child and discussing any concerns they have about the transition will make the process run smoothly.


Plan a school shopping trip

Your child should feel excited about the transition to big school, it means getting new uniform and school essentials. Introduce this as a fun day out with your child, rather than a chore. They are about the start a new adventure and they need all the gear to set them up in their learning journey.

If you would like to discuss about preparing your child for school, or find out how we help children at London Preschool, get in touch – we’d love to chat!

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