Bank holiday with kids in London

What to do on the bank holiday with the children in London

With August’s bank holiday coming up, it’s time to start thinking about what to do with the kids. That’s why our dedicated team at The London Preschool have put together some fun activities for both indoors and outdoors that the whole family can enjoy together. From picnics in the park to getting messy in the kitchen – we’ve got you covered.

Read on and plan a bank holiday kids will love by being prepared for both rain and shine!

Picnic in the park 

There are plenty of parks in London for the whole family to enjoy and we’ve put together a couple of our favourite for you to consider this bank holiday:

  • Battersea Park
    What’s not to like about Battersea Park? With a riverside promenade, large lake, children’s play areas, a zoo, the Pump House gallery and sports facilities, there’s more than enough to keep your family busy this bank holiday in London.

  • St. James’ Park – this historic/much-loved green space features a large lake where pelicans are fed daily, which is a great sight for all the family to see. St James’ Park won’t disappoint, it’s fully wheelchair accessible, has plenty of amenities for children and has its own cafe, ticking all of the boxes for a great family day out on the bank holiday.

Putting together your picnic

After playing in the sun for a couple of hours, your little ones will likely be ravenous when it’s time to relax. That’s why having a picnic to hand will keep them and you content. Here are some ideas of what to pack for your picnic on the bank holiday with the kids.

  • Oatcakes and hummus – this is a really easy one that your children can do by themselves. Let them place oatcakes into an airtight container along with spooning hummus into a separate container.

  • Sushi rolls – let your children place some wraps onto a table, get them to spread a tuna and mayo mix along one side of each wrap, sprinkle shaved carrots beside it, and roll. Now you can cut them into small sushi-sized pieces.

  • Granola bars – weigh out all ingredients with your children and get them to place them into the mixing bowl. Once everything is in the bowl, let your children mix and pour onto a lined baking tray. Next, explain and demonstrate the adult task of placing it into the oven and take it out once it’s thoroughly heated.

  • Cheese and grapes – after cutting small blocks of cheese and halving grapes, let your children pop one half of a grape, a small cube of cheese and another half of a grape onto each cocktail stick. 

When it comes to the kitchen, it’s good to introduce your children to how food preparation works and the risks associated with each task. By showing and telling, they can get a better grasp of how to act when around dangerous items such as hot pans and sharp knives. This ensures that when they help out in the kitchen, they’re safe and understand which tasks are better suited to them and which are better suited for when they’re older. 

Outdoor activities

Being at one with the outdoors comes with a whole host of benefits such as decreased blood pressure, vitamin D absorption, improved brain function and plenty more. With this in mind, if it’s forecast to be sunny this bank holiday with the kids in London, then here are some outdoor activities for the family to enjoy in the fresh air.

  • Gardening – this activity engages all of the senses, such as the feel of the soil, the smell of the plants, the sounds of the leaves and the sight of the vibrant, colourful flowers. Gardening also helps children to better understand how plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables grow, and the importance of patience.

  • Colour matching game – have your children find items outside of varying colours, this may be bark, flowers and leaves. Using different colours of chalk, get them to colour in an outdoor slab with the matching colour and ask them to place the item on top.

  • Lawn bowling – whether you’re at a park or in your garden, playing lawn bowls is great fun and gets your child to engage their hand-eye coordination. Explain and show them what the aim of the game is, i.e. to get their ball as close to the jack as possible.

  • Skipping – take a skipping rope out with you to the park and find a space where they can jump safely. Skipping is a great exercise that improves body awareness, stability and coordination. If your child is already good at basic skipping, why not introduce backwards skipping, cross step, one foot hop and two rotations for one skip? 

Indoor activities

Teaching your children to enjoy their toys and games at home is a great way to keep them content both indoors and outdoors. Here are a few indoor activities for the bank holiday kids will enjoy!

  • Play the floor is lava – this game is a classic and fun for all of the family. When someone shouts, ‘the floor is lava’, everyone has five seconds to move onto a cushion, blanket or chair, to avoid dipping their feet into the lava. This game promotes physical activity, giggles, the imagination and instruction following.

  • Obstacle course – set up obstacles in a room or down a hallway and make the rules the children have to follow. They may have to crawl under the chair to get to the blanket tunnel and run around the rug and back again.

  • Listening game – to help you children improve their listening skills, select some objects from around the room. This might be an empty glass and a jug of water, a banana, a keyboard and a book. Once you have your items, set them on a table, let your children look at the objects you’ve chosen. Now ask them to close their eyes. One by one, pick up an item and make a sound with the object and have them guess what item it is you’re making the sound with.

  • Guess the object in the shoe box – using an old shoe box, cut out a small hole in it and place an object inside such as an apple, teddy bear, pair of socks, or remote controller, and have them guess what item is inside. Once they guess correctly, they get one point and can move onto the next item.

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